Madeline Hombert


Madeline Hombert

Madeline is an award-winning screenwriter, film producer, book editor, columnist and novelist living in Alberta, Canada.

She began writing in high school and was her senior yearbook editor.

Her first internationally published article was a story in the women’s publication True Romance. As a columnist, she wrote weekly features for a military newspaper in Calgary and many of her columns were picked up nationally. Her next position was columnist for the Kindersley Clarion. 

Madeline’s feature films, PERSONAL EXEMPTIONS and THE RANCH were distributed worldwide in 1989, but she backed away from the industry to raise her severely handicapped daughter. Moving to Vancouver, she turned to ghostwriting and editing for others and was an active member of women in Film and Video. She produced three segments for NewsMD and, after attending classes for Television and Film directing under the tutelage of Peter Deluise and others, she produced and directed three short television promos.

Still in Vancouver, and working in partnership with Pediatric Psychiatrist, Dr. Robin Friedlander, Madeline interviewed families and patients and/or edited their case histories to produce the book “Success from the Frontlines: Dual Diagnosis” – a book that has been used as reference by medical students worldwide.

Book projects in Alberta include “Dirty Little Secrets and Really Big Deals”, a biography ; Grande Prairie, a photography and text coffee table book; County of Grande Prairie, coffee table book. She also edited two books for others.

In 2019 Madeline wrote and directed a 6 minute sci-fi short called Cat-A-Morphis which won the July prize in the Assurdo Festival in Italy and was accepted at the Austin micro Festival in the US.

In 2020 Madeline wrote the short screenplay The Dress. This screenplay placed FIRST at the Austin Film Festival, Fantasy Genre…and later placed First in the Your Script Produced Festival in the Thriller/Horror division and First Place overall in the Short Film Division. This was announced at the Cannes Film Festival as well as in Berlin and reported in the Hollywood Reporter. (“The Dress” has been renamed “Katie’s Last Dance” to avoid confusion with another short film by the same name).

For the past few years Madeline has partnered with writer MICHAEL MARKUS, from Toronto to write screenplays for both film and television. Together they have won many accolades for their screenplays: BOARDGAMES and MADE OF HONOR.

The writing team have just recently completed THE CHRISTMAS CON and it is already under consideration by two production studios. (Please see “Current Projects”)

Madeline attended and polished her screenwriting skills at a ROBERT MCKEE STORYTELLING SEMINAR in Toronto (Ryerson College).